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New Toyota Yaris Year Gliding in Indonesia
JULY 4, 2011 6:46 AM

INFOHIGHLIGHT – The good news for enthusiasts hatchback. If the previous PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) said there was no change in the model (model change) for the Toyota Yaris, but sources believe AUTOMOTIVE attend this year as well. “It may be noted from the sales promo Yaris crazy lately,” said the source who declined to be named this.

Well, if so, reportedly, meaning that the Toyota Yaris or Vitz (name in Japan) which was launched in Japan late as in the photographs is the one who would enliven the hatchback market country.

By design, the new Yaris changed drastically. Both the exterior and interior. Let us consider first outer body! Design bonnet, headlights, radiator grille and front bumper are now designed more sporty and handsome.

Behind the body was changed completely. Can be seen from the design of the lamp, luggage door and the bumper is very different from any dimensions sebelumnya.Secara Yaris, Yaris is the third generation of this added length.

Dashboard design is more sporty with increased cabin space
Now the overall length to 3885 mm, while the bekas generation Yaris 3750 mm. Width was increased from 1695 mm to 1915 mm. High indeed was made 30 mm shorter so it appears more and more sporty.

Increasing the added dimension of relief cabin. In fact, the luggage space became increasingly widespread as more of 145 mm from the previous Yaris.

No less interesting is the dashboard design. Speedometer previously located in the center, now moved to the front driver. The model is simple but still visible thanks to the game sporting a silver in several parts.

Problem machine, TAM seems to still retain 1NZ-FE inline 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC VVT-i 1500 cc. But in Japan, is also a version of 1,000 cc and 1,300 cc.

Bodi widened dashing impression
Well, the new system is a valve opening which has embraced Dual VVT-i, especially for its 1300 cc engine. In addition, the automatic transmission using Super CVT-i (Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) that claimed to consume gasoline up to 24 km per liter.

Sumber: http://infohighlight.info/automotive-info/new-toyota-yaris-year-gliding-in-indonesia/


Rabu, 20/07/2011 17:02 WIB
Toyota: Yaris Facelift Dirilis Tahun Ini

detikcom – Jakarta, Sebelumnya sumber-sumber detikOto di Toyota menuturkan Yaris facelift bakal hadir tahun depan, namun Presdir PT Toyota-Astra Motor Johnny Darmawan memastikan Toyota Yaris paling anyar akan keluar tahun ini juga!

Hal tersebut dibocorkan langsung dari Presiden Direktur PT Toyota-Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan di Jakarta Theater, Rabu (20/7/2011).

"Tahun ini, tapi waktunya belum bissa diomongin." ujarnya.

Di Jepang, Toyota Yaris generasi ketiga disediakan dalam 4 varian dengan 17 warna pada eksterior & 4 warna pada bagian interior. Untuk mesinnya Toyota menyediakan 3 pilihan kapasitas mesin yakni mesin KR-FE 1.000 cc, mesin 1NR-FE 1.300 cc & mesin 1NZ-FE 1.500 cc.

Yaris atau Vitz ini akan dijual seharga mulai 1,060 juta yen hingga 1,938 juta yen.

Toyota mengklaim Yaris terbaru sangat efisien dalam hal konsumsi bahan bakar yakni 26,5km /liter mengalahkan konsumsi BBM Nissan March (26 km/liter) & Honda Jazz (24,5 km/liter).

Sebelumnya, para pecinta mobil di Eropa & Amerika serta Australia menyambut baik kedatangan hatchback anyar milik pabrikan Jepang tersebut. Apalagi desainnya berbeda jauh dengan yang selama ini beredar.

"Belum bissa diomongin detailnya. Tunggu saja nanti," pungkasnya.

Sumber: http://m.detik.com/read/2011/07/20/170201/1685465/1207/toyota:-yaris-facelift-dirilis-tahun-ini


4 juli 2011 sumber dalam menyebutkan yaris bakal hadir thn ini (2011.red)
20 juli 2011 giliran presdir TAM yg buka suara, TAHUN INI!

Posted on July 21, 2011

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